From filter cleans to automation upgrades, Capitol City Pools can professionally, safely, and affordably take care of all of your pool and spa repair needs. With your weekly service, we inspect all of your equipment to ensure it is operating as per manufacturer specifications.


Capitol City Pools is a certified, registered, and fully insured repair center for all the major brands of pool equipment. Below are some of the repairs we offer. For additional services and repairs please do not hesitate to contact us directly.

  • Motors
  • Pumps
  • Filters
  • Lights
  • Automation
  • Remotes
  • Water Features
  • Equipment Water Leaks
  • Upgrades

It is important to take care of your motor, it is the main source of circulation for your pool. We replace old and upgrade new motors.


Pumps are the wet end of your motor, they are also essential for circulation in your pool. We replace old pumps and upgrade with new.


We provide filter cleans, troubleshooting and repairs. We also offer DE filter cleans and sand filter changes. It is important to keep your filter clean and working properly in order to have a beautiful blue pool.


Pool lighting creates a relaxing ambiance for you and your Family. We change underwater light bulbs and LEDs. We can also change out your flooring fixture.


Your automation system is the brains of your pool system. We can troubleshoot, repair, and upgrade all major automation manufacturers. To experience all the new features a pool has to offer, an automation system is essential.


Remotes to control your automation system and vary in shape and size, from a handheld PDA to a smart application.

Water Features

Water features are a beautiful addition to your pool. Water features are not purely aesthetic. They are also important to assist in the circulation of your pool and spa.  We repair water feature pressure and flow related issues. This could be due to a bad valve, a clogged line, or other issues.

Water leaks

With pools operating on a daily basis, water leaks are quite common. Water leaks can be an expensive and serious issue if not detected and repaired quickly. We repair all sores of water leaks, from PVC to motor leaks.

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