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Hello once again all.

Can you believe it, spring will officially be upon us in just TWO WEEKS!

I can recall to the detriment of my poor parents, being an absolute pool fanatic as soon as those blue skies started rolling in one after another. So many memories with family and childhood friends poolside…..especially with the smell of dads brisket on the BBQ.

As pool owners long for for these memories with their families and friends, it is important to acknowledge it is hard to make these memories poolside with a green and gross pool.

Spring is the start of the pool season and should be seen as the optimal time to get your pool in the correct condition to fight the dreaded ALGAE.

The best ways to ensure your water is correctly balanced is to ensure you stabilizer levers are good for the summer and your chlorine and/or salt levels are correct. It is equally important to ensure your TA and pH levels are optimal as well as monitored at very least on a weekly basis.

Don`t forget, you will also need to ensure your filter is clean and has the appropriate filter pressure. It is a great idea to have your equipment checked for leaks, pressures and general functionality.


For some more great information, please see our friends a Pool Supply World:

Preparing your pool for spring


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