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Spring is COMING!!!

Thank goodness the cold weeks are behind us……hopefully!!!!!!

Spring will be upon us in just over a month and we expect temperatures to warm up before that!!

I wanted to take a moment to discuss the importance of getting your pool chemistry well balanced to combat the dreaded ALGAE!!

Obtaining proper pool chemistry can seem like a tall task sometimes, especially when the effects of unbalanced pool chemistry can lead to a pond in your backyard instead of a clear beautiful private paradise.

Keeping balanced chemistry is a year long task, however should be stressed during the spring…..and for a very good reason………FOOD!!

Algae is the main source of that green water and slippery green walls, floor and without food, algae cannot live. The winter months are very hard on algae food source like pollen, phosphates and bacteria; however, when the temperature starts to warm up we should all be prepared for the incoming battle with Algae and its partners

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